Sunday, February 15, 2009


EXT. THE SKYLINE OF A CITY (0:00 - 0:10) - Cupid is flying in the sky, firing arrows below. He zooms offscreen down to street level

EXT. STREET (0:10 - 0:17)
Bunches of couples are in love, all of them struck with arrows. Cupid is flying (right to left) down the sidewalk, clearly satisfied with his work. He flies past the band (Golden Capo) who is singing in the background.

As he flies offscreen, a girl alone walks on screen. Cupid notices, poking his head back on screen.

MED SHOT (0:18 - 0:26) - One of the band members offers the girl a flower but the girl refuses and keeps walking. The song holds the word "you," and the band members watch her walk by.

CLOSE UP (0:27 - 0:29) - Cupid puzzled as to why he has overlooked the girl.

EXT. STREET (0:31 - 0:37) The music picks up, the camera panning right following the girl walking past all the couples. Cupid flies up behind the girl, readying his shot towards her.

CLOSE UP (0:38 - 0:43) The girl looks down, noticing her shoe untied. Cupid's arrow flies over her as she ducks down.

EXT. STREET (0:44 - 0:55) The girl ties her shoe stands back up and continues walking; Cupid is clearly frustrated (0:44 - 0:48). He readies another shot (0:49 - 0:55). 

He fires (0:56)

The girl turns the corner as Cupid's arrow flies past her. (0:57 - 0:58)

Cupid gets angry (0:59 - 1:02). How dare anyone evade love's arrow?


The girl continues as Cupid catches up to her with another arrow ready. (1:03 - 1:07)

MED SHOT (1:08 - 1:12) - Cupid pulls the arrow back.

MED SHOT (1:12 - 1:16) - From the perspective of the tip of the arrow, we see the girl's back enter into the line of fire.

CLOSE UP (1:17 - 1:20) - Cupid's face is determined, and he releases the arrow.

MED SHOT (1:21 - 1:24) - Camera follows the arrow through the air

CLOSE UP (1:25 - 1:26) - Girl gets struck in the back with arrow as symbols crash.

MED SHOT (1:26 - 1:29) - The girl is knocked down onto her knees by the arrow. A hand reaches into the frame, offering to help her up. She looks up.

WORM'S EYE SHOT (1:30 - 1:31) A boy with his hand outstretched smiling.

OTS SHOT (1:32 - 1:35) Cupid watches the boy and girl walk off, and turns to camera. He winks on the final beat, before flying off screen.

(1:36 - 1:39) - The screen fills with black, except for a heart shaped pinhole of the couple walking off in the distance. It holds for a moment, and then fills completely.


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